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We have a philosophy, as much as a mission: Combine the best traditional marketing (building relationships, courteous professionalism, excellent writing, proper communication, simple & effective design) with the latest techniques, networking, and digital technologies to effectively convey the message of our clients – without hype – and to develop affordable strategies for success.

We also offer MusicMakeover™ and MusicianMakeover™ plans to update your existing materials cost-effectively.

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About The ECI Group

Are We Right for You?

Our feeling is that, whatever the company or client, we look for “the best of the best” in order for us to get involved. Something special with the sense that you "have to hear" about it.

We can help provide the tools & materials you need to convey that message, develop an active plan, work more affordably and effectively.

Cost Effectiveness

The ECI Group is more affordable than most in-house people, but can function as such, allowing for better results and more objectivity. We feel confident in our capabilities and the track record of our team.

One key is the fact that so many companies have dropped or dramatically reduced their marketing work force and may be looking for alternatives to new hires. We can provide our services without using your valuable office space.

Where some agencies charge monthly retainers of thousands of dollars, but we are focused on more outstanding independent manufacturers, musicians, performing artists, vendors, and tours.

Our efforts are designed to promote growth and attention for your business.

Going The Distance

We look for outstanding products and artists that want to have longevity as opposed to being a “one-hit wonder.” Like so many brands, establishing a quality name with a steady business if a big part of our approach.


We hope that you will drop us a note about your situation, even if you just have a question about your business.

The ECI Group is not about hype or sales pitches, it's about, effective promotion, communication and interaction. We hope you’ll agree.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site!

Reach us anytime if we can be of help to you, even just to answer a question.


The ECI Group was founded by Daniel M. East after more than 20 years of tours, product consulting, and music business services for some of the leading manufacturers, artists, and venues. Today, we can offer these services directly to save time and expense for our clients.

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