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"I have known Daniel for many years. His standards are high, he is personable, trustworthy and efficient. We have become great friends and I'm not sure but we might even be related! Nathan East"

— Nathan East, Bass Player (Eric Clapton, Fourplay, many others), Producer; President, Eastern Star Productions, East2East Music

"It is my pleasure to highly recommend Daniel East. He is a consummate professional who always makes sure his clients and potential clients feel as if they are the most important person to him. He is person- able, with the ability to answer any questions, no matter how small, with alacrity. His com- munication skills are keen, and he listens and responds in a way that I know I have been heard. He is equally comfortable with all levels of management, as well as with public and private figures alike. I have seen him interact with icons in the music industry in a way that is personal, yet he always maintains a professional stance. He makes a point of knowing his product and matching them expertly with his clients' needs. Needless to say I have the highest regard for Daniel and can only recommend him very highly."

— Larry Zinn, Audio Engineer, The Late Show w/ David Letterman/CBS Television

"Daniel was extremely responsive and helpful in all cases. Although I never needed it, he guaranteed that my products would be replaced if anything went wrong. When he was in town, Daniel would always offer to come by and see how things were going. As a result of working with Daniel, we have remained good friends. For myself, there are very few that I put in his category."

— Steve Wozniak, President & CTO, Wheels of Zeus

"I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel East on a variety of musical and recording projects over a period of many years. Daniel has consistently proven himself to be focused, extremely creative and hard-working and a great asset to any and all the projects he under- takes. He is a people person, showing patience, understanding and empathy at all times. I can unhesitatingly recommend that any company or project considering having Daniel work with them should jump at the opportunity to have him do so."

— Rob Freeman, Owner, Titlewave Productions, Inc.

"Dan has always been a pleasure to deal with. I saw him as the man behind the brand. He strikes me as a very dedicated and hard working guy."

— Lynn Martin, President, North American Pro Audio/Allen & Heath

"Daniel has been consulting for me and my production company for several years now. I have found him to literally be one of the most extraordinary and exceptional individuals I have worked with since I began working in Southern Florida a few years ago. I would recommend him without exception for any project he is interested in working on."

— Patxi Pastor, Concert Promoter / Producer / Musician

"I've known Dan for a liittle over 5 years and during that time he has always shown himself to be a person of integrity as well as a true gentlemen. His work ethic could best be described as "old school," built on dedication to the task and loyalty to his employer, and when the situation demands going the extra mile and beyond, he does so without hesitation."

— Bob Lindquist, Co-Owner / President, Singer & Musician Magazine / iLive2Play Network

"Daniel is not only a tireless worker, but also has a great ability to relate to anyone he talks to, not just in a technical way, but in a way such that when you walk away you realize you had a deep and meaningful conversation. We all know that business in nuts and bolts, but great business is built upon relationships and Daniel excels at relationships. Above and beyond that, Daniel was ALWAYS looking for ways to promote Future Sonics. If you ask anyone that knows Daniel, they will tell you ‘Daniel is the man!’"

— Randy Fuchs, Owner, Artist Relations, Inc.

"Daniel is a consummate professional. During our business dealing together, I found him to be very passionate about his work, his profession and his industry. Daniel has the gift of so- cial presence. He is always working to make people feel comfortable. He is highly effective as a communicator. He always conveys a sense of real enthusiasm about his work. I look for- ward to opportunities to work together in the future."

— Gary Bart, President & CEO, XtremeMac

"It's a pleasure working with Daniel--his enthusiasm, follow-through and professionalism is

top-of-class in the industry."

— Craig Linssen, Partnership Manager, Audio & Video, Apple, Inc.

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Pictured with Daniel East (top to bottom): Nathan East; Steve Wozniak; Jessica Simpson & Nick Lechey; Tim Carmon; Tito Puente, Jr.; Ron Taylor; Teddy Campbell; Fofi Lancha; John Jorgenson; Sammy Figueroa; Alto Reed; Edgar Winter